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Copolymer of Phosphono and carboxylic Acid (POCA)

2014-01-04 09:30:49

Copolymer of phono and carboxylic acid (POCA)


Through the introduction of phosphonic group into carboxylic group , POCA has good dispersion property for scale of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate in circulating cool water system . It has good scale inhibition for barium sulfate , strontium sulfate and silica scale . POCA has advantages in wide range of water quality , chemical stability , strong chlorine tolerance , etc. POCA can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system and oilfield refill water system.


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Appearance Colorless or light yellow liquid
Solid content % 50.0
Total phosphor (as PO43-)% 2.5
Density (20℃)g/cm3 1.20
pH(1% water solution) 3.5-4.5


When used alone , the dosage of 5-20mg/L is preferred. It can also be used together with organophosphines , copolymer , zinc salt or BTA.

4,Package and Storage:

Normally in 25kg or 200kg net Plastic Drum , or packed as customers’ request , Storage for ten months in room shady and dry place.

5,Safety Protection:

Acidity , acid contact with eye and skin , once contacted , flush with water.

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