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Current Position:Copper and pickling corrosion inhibitors


2014-01-04 13:59:42

CAS No. 95-14-7

Molecular Formula:  C6H5N3

Molecular weight: 119.12







Assay %

99.5 min

Melting Point℃

97 min.

Aqueous PH


Moisture %

0.10 max.

Ash content %


Solubility in Alcohol

approximately transparent



2,Properties and Usage:

    This product can be absorbed on metal surface and form a thin film to protect copper and other metals. It can be used together with many scale inhibitors and fungi disinfectants in circulating cool water system, it has good corrosion inhibition effect in circulating cool water system. The dosage of 2-4mg/L is preferred. This product can also be used as anti-discolor agent, coating additives and luboil additive.


3,Package and Storage:

    It is packed in two layers: non poisonous plastic sealed bag for inside , and paple-plastic multiple bag or cardboard barrel for outside. 25Kg or 40Kg net each or by customer's requirement. 

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