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DT-204 Ash water scale inhibitor

2014-01-04 13:51:44

DT-204Ash water scale inhibitor


It is compounded by organic phosphorus acid, sulfosalt Copolymer, and carboxylic acid copolymer.

It has the effect of chelating and dispersing ability, has the best synergistic effect, it can let the crystalloid come into latticing deformation, in order to let the grain form to Compact scale layer.

The dispersing ability let the atoms difficult to get touch to each other, then the atoms can disperse in water for a long time, and be discharged together with sewage, and keep the tube work well.



Item index


Umber liquid

Solid content %   ≥ 40.0
Total phosphoric acid,(as PO43-)    20.0
pH,(1%water solution)   3.0
Density(20℃) , g/cm3 1.20


It mainly in heat-engine plant for the ash water,  with high PH value, high alkalinity and high hardness. It normal dosing amount is 3~10mg/L

4,Package and Storage:

25Lor 200L in plastic barrel. Storage for ten month in room shady and dry place.

5,Safety Protection:

Acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.

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