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Acidum trichloroisocyaniras

2014-01-04 13:48:45

Acidum trichloroisocyaniras


CAS87-90-1                         HS Code:29336922

Molecular formula: C3O3N3CL3          Molecular weight: 232.44



     Acidum trichloroisocyanirasis soluble in water, high efficient, rapid, broad-spectrum and safe.It has a strong killing effect , PH changes on the bactericidal effect of the impact is fairly small, so especially suitable for fertilizer plant circulating water biocide; can fully replace the chlorine and non-oxidizing biocides, so is very economy.


This product has strong sterilization, bleaching effect,and is stable, easy to use.It is widely used for civil sanitation ,animal husbandry and disinfection plant protection, fabric bleaching, wool shrink-proof, rubber chloride, organic synthesis industry.



items index
White powder, granular, flake
Chlorine content%          ≥
Moisture%                 ≤
PH value (1% solution)

4,Using method:

When using acidum trichloroisocyanirasas biocides in cooling water system, the summer every2-3days, adding10-20mg / L , thespring and autumn every3-5days, adding once ,the winter every5-7days, adding one time.Adding non-oxidizing bactericide regularly to ensure the killing effect.

5, Package and Storage

Acidum trichloroisocyaniraspacked with inner liner polyethylene plastic woven bag, net weight25kg.Products stored in ventilated and dry place, prevent moisture, water, rain and fire, is strictly prohibited from contacting with nitrogen compounds and reducing substances. Storage for 10 months.       

6, Safety Protection

    Acidum trichloroisocyanirasis irritant to skin and eyes, attention to labor protection, avoid contact with eyes and skin ,once contacted , flush with water.

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