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Chemical method to solve the problem of urban landscape water treatment

2015-11-04 21:53:11

Chemical method to solve the problem of urban landscape water treatment, adding coagulant, flocculant: as a supplementary method to enhance the effectiveness of water treatment equipment, which is a very common way. The defect is to add the cost of water treatment to the formation of a certain degree of water pollution. If the water treatment equipment itself is not high, the use of this method can be used to add efficiency. If the water treatment equipment itself is very high, there is no need to use.

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Flotation skill is highly disorganized micro bubbles and particles suspended in the water adhesion was applied to make it with the bubbles rise to the surface of the water, then perform the separation to remove, appropriate adds the mixed coagulation agent can significantly improve the flotation effect. Smaller algae density and flocculation floc nuclear ethereal and bubble adhesion function outstanding. Therefore, compared with the sedimentary skills, air floatation treatment of eutrophic water.

East Lake Wuhan water plant and Shanghai Grand Garden Artificial Lake air flotation equipment of the operation results show that the air flotation technology can be useful to remove fine particles suspended in the water, algae and phosphate and other pollutants, a substantial increase in dissolved oxygen and water environment quality. Gong Lei with small cavitation air flotation equipment and combination of flocculant for treating water with algae from Dianchi Lake, including algae and turbidity removing separation rate reached 99% and 92.8%. With lax flotation skills from the water algae, algae removal rate reached 90%, cationic surfactant flocculation function is better than that of anionic and nonionic surfactants, the raw water pH value and ion concentration is flotation effect of key factors.

In accordance with fine bubbles produced by the way, the floatation water skills into lax air float, electrolysis coagulation air floatation, biological and chemical floatation method and dissolved gas float (vacuum flotation and pressure dissolved air float).

At present, the use of a lot of reflux type pressure dissolved gas float (referred to as pressurized dissolved air flotation), the treatment is obvious and safe, and can greatly decrease the energy consumption. The principle is the water diversion into the processor, adding coagulant, so as to make fine particles suspended particles such as algae and non dissolved organic pollutants in the water through the micro bubbles, so that it is attached to the suspended state of small particles of impurities, the formation of a small proportion of water, and rely on the buoyancy to float to the surface of the water. Large particles of large proportion of water in large particles by the deposition method to remove, and then achieved high efficiency and solid-liquid separation.

Flotation method has the following characteristics: useful to remove micro polluted water fine suspended particles, algae, solid impurities and phosphate pollutants; flotation the content of dissolved oxygen in the water to add significantly to the, useful to improve the quality of water environment; third, simple operation, easy to protect, can complete automatic control; 4 anti shock load capacity is strong, on the water quality and quantity change of good adaptability; anlyses the successful operation for the convenience and flexibility, low running cost.

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The conclusion of the United States Water Treatment Association Journal has shown that the flotation of algae and organic matter (such as water, rotten leaves, etc.) more water treatment effect is better, and the demand for aggregation can be appropriate to reduce the amount of coagulant and reduce reaction time, and air flotation process is convenient, water consumption is small, mud slag containing low water, do not need to kick. Therefore, it has great advantages in protecting the water quality of the urban landscape water.

Chemical algae disinfection method is mainly through adding variety to the water algaecide (such as copper sulfate, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc.), to kill algae, restrain algae outbreaks, improve water transparency, with simple skills, not alone to create treatment construction, pre funded and other characteristics.

Addition of chemical reagents, copper sulfate in addition to the role of good, long, but often can not destroy the release of dead algae. Bleaching powder or chlorine can remove this kind of pathogenic substances, but the amount of investment to be more but not too much, otherwise it will add the smell, the amount of experiment to determine the. In addition, copper sulfate is toxic to fish, so it is necessary to be cautious in the dosage of fish in the fish. However, selection of the water solution overnight water has resistance of algae and algaecide effect will gradually decreased, the distance of coagulant dosage will becoming shorter and shorter, and adding the amount will be added constantly, kinds of algaecide to frequently replace, but also on the environment formed secondary pollution, and long time operation cost is high. Taking into account the ornamental value of the landscape water and the health of the people, should try to prevent the use of such a treatment approach.

Coagulation sedimentation:

With less investment, skills, convenient operation and other advantages, can be used for the treatment of a lot of suspended solids, algae. Shi Ying et al. The enhanced coagulation experiment was carried out by using potassium permanganate composite chemicals (97500000 t/L), the removal rate of algae was over 80%. The amount of coagulant and the amount of sludge generated by the deposition, and the treatment effect also need to be improved.

To make the water flow through the filter media, such as filter media, the algae and particles in the water are screened, intercepted. The key skill is filter filter speed size, before filtration coagulant micro flocculation effect progress filter. Yu Guozhong to polypropylene fiber filter high algae, algal biomass and chlorophyll a mean removed separation rate of 91% and 92%, respectively. An, Guo Daju with natural zeolite filter bed of lake eutrophication scene of purifying experiment, COD, NH4 + - N, TP and turbidity removed rate of parting 35.8%, 95%, 66.7% and 77.7% of the filter processing although the effluent water quality is good, but also has high filtration resistance, algae mucus easy to filter layer compaction lack.

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