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Dongguan announced the first batch of 18 swimming pool sampling only a pH value is not qualified

2015-10-28 22:09:20

Yesterday, Dongguan City Health gauge board released this year the first batch of 18 family industry and trade swimming pond water quality monitoring results, found on the 18 pool pH, urea, turbidity, free chlorine, total bacteria, coliform and other water quality monitoring, the pool water clean and in good condition, not qualified with 1 home, Dongguan Hui Jing Hotel Co., Ltd. children swimming pool and monitoring results for pH value not qualified.

According to the introduction, if the pH value is too low, indicating that the acid is too high, a simple impact on human skin and respiratory adverse effects; if the pH value is too high, it will affect the disinfection of swimming pool water disinfection.

Swimming pool water bactericide

City Health Plan part of the pool water quality inspection results are not qualified units, the part has been ordered to immediately rectification, and in accordance with the rules of the implementation details of the implementation details of public places clean, administrative punishment.

Since April this year, the city health and some of the city's more than 100 swimming pool monitoring, monitoring operations will continue until next month, monitoring results will be released in batches.

The monitor in addition to monitoring swimming pools clean water quality status, of swimming pool water turbidity, pH value, free residual chlorine, urea, total number of bacteria, coliform bacteria, leaching foot pool of free residual chlorine etc. monitoring outside, basically include swimming places clean administrative licensing and regulatory quasi execution, set up facilities and equipment operation, warning signs, employees health and training, water quality self checking sampling project.

According to the city health supervision and special operations to carry out a month since, view, by inspection of swimming places operating unit clean processing primary has not establish epidemic disease reporting standards, will not have the water quality inspection results recorded record, not according to the rule of water quality publicity etc. condition.

If the public found swimming places, no water quality testing of undocumented operators timely publicity, can also call 22625902.

How to know the water of the swimming pool is very good

For swimming pool water quality is not up to standard, many people are puzzled: how do we know that often go to the swimming pool not qualified, the water quality is good? In this regard, Wei prison tips, people pick swimming places pay attention to the following points:

First, to choose the good conditions, clean operation in accordance with the swimming swimming place.

Secondly, choose swimming pool to "see": one is to look at the publicity, clean license, health certificate for the workers, clean knowledge training certificate, etc. information is not publicized by the side of the swimming pool. Two is to look at is not publicity day water quality conditions, including water temperature, pH value, residual chlorine concentration, investment into the status of disinfection drug, circulating water number or newly written content.

Again, one can see the water quality, good swimming pool usually water is clear of the bottom; lifted a little swim pool water smell, can smell the faint smell of chlorine; swimming pool wall no algae growth and dirt.

Finally, the ability to view of the pool water, pay attention to the bottom of the pool, or around the pool water outlet to see is not presentation of constantly in and out of the water source. If there is, it is clear that its water circulating disinfection equipment in normal operation.

The pool of pH, urea, residual chlorine, bacteria have what harm

Annual swimming pool water quality sampling results released, we can often hear the pH, urea, turbidity, free chlorine, total bacteria, coliform and other water quality objectives, these unqualified how will affect our health?, listen to disease control experts say.

Swimming pool water bactericide

PH value:

PH value is the swimming pool water quality of primary standard, national rules of swimming pool water pH value is 6.5 to 8.5, the best is maintained at 7.2 to 7.5, not in this range of human skin and eyes of attack, relatively comfortable, ensure good disinfection effect. If the pH value is too low, indicating that the acid is too high, there may be adverse effects on the human body's skin and respiratory tract, resulting in physical discomfort; if the pH value is too high will be decreased in the activity of disinfection in water, the effect of disinfection.

Free chlorine:

In the pool of water quality monitoring in the past, free chlorine repeatedly list unqualified target top three, the lowest passing rate. Chlorine in water first sterilization and chlorine unqualified have thrown into low and high two, high will affect the person's eye, ear, nose, throat and skin mucosa may damage the skin, resulting in dry throat, eye pain, low is not up to the disinfection effect.


Urea overruns is pool quality one of the main reasons, usually because the urine and sweat pollution, reflecting the degree of the old and new pools of water, is subject to the pollution degree of human body, mainly from swimmers secretions and excretions, hyperbranched poly (urea perhaps to human body skin mucous membrane formation damage. Don't pee in the swimming pool, shower before entering the pool can be useful to reduce urea overruns, after the new water remedy in a timely manner for a water can effectively decrease the content of urea.

Bacterial count, Escherichia coli group:

Total bacterial count, coliform bacteria is the target microorganisms, overspend marked swimming pool water by human and animal feces direct or indirect pollution, together also marked swim pool water, chlorine and other disinfectants to kill pathogenic pathogens and parasites useful concentration disinfection, not complete, will add Aqua who have been infected with eye diseases, intestinal infectious diseases and other diseases of the danger.

Swimming pool water bactericide

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